Recharge with our energising back and head massage. No oil, no strange chairs, no stripping off.

We simply provide a brilliant backrub that everyone enjoys. From major events to the smallest workplaces, our teams bring a dynamic presence, lending a contemporary, vibrant and health-conscious edge.

An excellent massage

The Irish Times

Established in 2007, Mobile Massage UK and its newer sibling The Pressure are the leading onsite massage companies for trade shows, corporate events, festivals and sports events in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

We relax, revitalise and rejuvenate event visitors, corporate guests and sleepless festival goers! A unique blend of eastern and western techniques, the massage focuses on the upper back and head - where people store most of their tension. We find that most people want a vigorous workout and we are totally prepared to deliver it. Physical and mental knots are removed, leaving peace, energy and a positive vibe.

People experiencing a massage at an event simply pay what they feel it was worth at the end. This has proved to be an effective way of putting people at ease and introducing a new, ethical way of trading!

We only employ fully qualified, insured and licensed therapists in our teams.

Contact us at or 07707 716037.

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I found Mobile Massage to be a great addition to my event and would certainly recommend them to other event organisers. A striking and entertaining presence for visitors, the highly skilled therapists provided an incredible, re-energising massage.

James Drake-Brockman, DMG Events